The world's ONLY ParametricRelease™ Instrument Processor System
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1. Cleans - replaces manual cleaning
3. Rinses off germicide residue without     compromising disinfection integrity
2. Disinfects to >10-6 no CFUs
Langford IC Systems, Inc
It is also designed to operate as the world'sonly Instrument Processor for lumened and most other medical/surgical instruments in a single chamber.
It obsoletes current washer devices, manual cleaningand liquid chemical AER devices
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3/13/2014:    We have received 2 new patents :#8,568,666, #8,658,090 These patents extend our protection through 2028.
Draft FDA Guideline for Quantifiable Validated Cleaning
LIC can assist Instrument Manufacturers in qualifying their instruments as reusable*  LIC can provide FDA approved protocols and test methods for validated cleaning. *  LIC will label it's device for cleaning of their instruments. *  LIC will provide the OEM with cleaning reprocessing instructions for their labeling. *  OEM can test the cleaning of the instrument early in the development process and make      the necessary design changes before production and FDA regulatory testing. *  LIC's device provides the manufacturer with the means to clean and validate in the final     manufacturing step before packaging and sterilizing.
Dramatic change in FDA policy regarding the Requirement to qualify as Reusable: developworst case soiling and cleaning endpoints using AAMI TIR 30 as the FDA suggested reference.
Reusable Instrument Manufacturers (OEMS)
Under development: Cleaner only Device It is the perfect support for preparing lumened and non-lumened instruments for Sterilizing by cleaning to the quantifiable validated level reuired by the FDA.
Nearing development: Cleaner Ozone Sterilizer Cleaning and sterilizing lumened and non-lumened instruments.
The LIC Parametric Release ™  Instrument Processor System is unique in that the technology eliminates the need for connectors and is designed to process a variety of medical instruments including but not limited to endoscopes in a single chamber. It is the first and only Parametric Release liquid chemical Instrument Processor System that delivers the three critical steps required to process a reusable medical instrument, i.e. integrates cleaning to less than 2 micrograms of protein per square centimeter, sanitizes to greater than 10-6 with no surviving microorganisms and rinses the germicide residue with sanitized rinse water without compromising the sanitizing step. 
Rinse off germicide residuewithout compromising the disinfection process.
4) The process includes a patented waterpurification system that provides a final rinse of sanitized water.
Disinfect to >10-6 Nosurviving CFUs
The uniqueness of this technology is not only its ability to clean the inside of lumens but that it generates a Powerful Mechanical Shear that removes the toughest soils from the inside and outside of an  instrument
5) Because we do not use connectors, the machine is designed to do general  surgical instruments and implantables, etc. in the same chamber.
We have the only liquid chemicalcleaner processor that can:
1) The instrument processor does not useconnectors to attach to the instrument being processed in order to direct the flow of chemical detergent and germicide, so that all external and internal surfaces are exposed to the detergent and germicide.
2) No brushes are used that may scratch andscore the inner or outer surfaces of the device being cleaned.
Video of surge actionin the Instrument Processor
Clean to a standard of <2µg cm2of protein. (endoscopes)
3) The system is equally effective at cleaning &disinfecting all sized lumens, ranging from a catheter to a colonoscope.
Mock lumen before being processed in theLangford Processor. The lumen is 4.5mm diameter and 182 cm long. Note that the Hucker's soil goes the entire length of the 4.5mm diameter lumen.
Same Mock lumen after being processed inthe Langford Processor. Note that the entire length of the 182cm x 4.5mm lumen is clean.
Hucker's soil:  a simulatedfecal matter acknowledged by the industry as the toughest soil challenge.
182cm x 1.5 mm long Mock lumen with a 1 mm diameter end restrictor soiled with Hucker's  soil before being processed in the Langford Processor.
Before and After pictures showing internal cleaning of mock lumens:
Same Mock lumen with restrictor valve after beingprocessed in the Langford Processor. Note that the entire 182cm x 1.5mm lumen is clean including the 1mm end restrictor.
The chamber, baffle and tray are heavily contaminated with Hucker's soil. Not only were these mock lumens soiled internally and externally; all the surfaces of the chamber, the baffle and the tray top and bottom were also soiled. Our processor safely and effectively cleaned the Hucker's soil from all the contaminated surfaces.
Washers merely agitate the fluid whereas our processor producesmechanical shear that strips the toughest soiling from surfaces. This mechanical shear is developed at 12.5 psi.
OBJECTIVE:  Evaluation of a proposed cleaning process for a fully intact Trocar utilizing the LIC Instrument Processor to determine if a Trocar can be cleaned without disassembling it.
BACKGROUND:  A recent design change of the J&J Trocar, the Endopath Xcel, incorporatesan internal foam pad that has been a  challenge to clean both because of it's surface texture and its isolated location within the Trocar.
A further challenge that has been imposed is the excessive amountof organic soil (composed of horse serum, defibrinated sheep's  blood, and subjected to salt pork) which has been placed inside the  Trocar. The Trocar was subsequently baked in an oven at 60 0 Centigrade for 72 hours. This excessive amount of dried organic  soil interior to the Trocar has been observed and photographed by disassembling another Trocar inoculated in the same group. After baking,  the Trocar sat for approximately 10 weeks prior to this feasibilty cleaning process.
Feasibility Evaluation report SummaryTrocar cleaning process
The testing demonstrated that the soiled fully intactEndopath Xcel trocar is an acceptable candidate   for cleaning using the LIC Instrument Processor      System. The Endopath Xcel Trocar was cleaned           to a level where no visible trace of any soiling          was detectable after disassembly of the separate         parts of the trocar. Succesfuly proving that using         the LIC Instrument Processor negates the need to        disassemble and reassemble the Endopath Xcel      Trocar in order to clean it for sterilization and  eventual reuse. Thus proving that disassemblingand cleaning of each individual part of thetrocar is not necessary when it is cleaned in the LIC Processor.
The LIC Instrument Processor System cleaning  cycle is capable of removing all visible evidence of the test soil and therefore based on prior  experience with similar devices should exhibit ≦0.60 µg/cm2 of residual protein when subjected toa protein assay.
Cleans to FDA standard(<2 µg/cm2 protein) without requiring manual cleaning
SterisSystem 1E
Our Cleaner Processor is the ONLY System able to reliablyand verifiably sterilize patient-ready instruments.
Sterilizes to >10-6 , nomicroorganisms surviving
EvoTechwasher/ Disinfector
Verified sanitized waterrinse system
To illustrate the superiority of our device over others in the marketplace, wehave put together thischart to show ourdevice compared tocurrently used devices.
CustomSystem 83 Washer/ Disinfector
Designed to reprocesslumened and non lumened instruments
LIC ManziCleaner Processor
SterisAmsco V- Pro VHP -136
MinntechMedivators Advantage
CustomUltrasonics 83 plus 2
MinntechMedivators DSD-201
Langford IC SystemsParametric Release ™  Instrument Processor System
J&J ASPEvotech ECR
Steris System 1e
J&J ASPSterrad NX
Above the bar products
J&J ASPSterrad 100 NX
Below the bar products
Custom Ultrasonics 83 plus 9
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